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Murraydale Stampede and Picnic Results

July 10, 2016



Buckle sponsored by Cypress Credit Union. Prize money ($250) Bar T Welding (Paul Tremblay)

1. Cody Wilcox  - score of 63


Saddle Bronc

Buckle sponsored by Rex & Chris Furgeson. Prize money ($250) from Bar T Welding (Paul Tremblay), Memorial trophy in memory of Edwin Perrin provided by Wayne and Evelyn Perrin, Rodney and Lee Perrin. 

1.   Dakota Sorenson    score of 66


Calf Roping

Buckle sponsored by Maple Creek News. Prize money ($150) from B&A Petroleum and Stan and Margie Perrin 

1. no qualified time


Junior Steer Riding

Buckle sponsored by Carol Anhorn. Prize money ($50)  from Maple Creek Animal Clinic 

1. James Perrin    score of 74
2. William Perrin   score of 70
3. Cole Yeast        score of 64


Junior Cow Riding

Buckle sponsored by Lansdall Pharmacy. Prize money ($50) from Mabel Hobbs in memory of Graham Hobbs.  

1/2.  Kaid Walker    score of 69

1/2.  Zane Tully        score of 69

3/4.  Cooper Grisak    score of 68

3/4.  William Perrin    score of 68


Ladies Barrel Racing

Buckle sponsored by Jesse, Lyndi, and Kenzie Duffee. Prize money ($50) from Luxito and Co Electronics

1.  Tawny Wilson   16.27

2.  Emily Lehr   16.327

3.  Maggy Cooper   16.401

4.  Kasondra Amon   16.613


Junior Barrel Racing

Buckle sponsored by Blythman Agencies. Prize money ($50) from Luxito and Co Electronics

1.  Emily Lehr   16.598

2.   Lily Wilson   16.599

3.  Kaylee Moorhead   16.74

4.  Madison Glascock   17.20


Tiny Mite Barrel Racing

Buckle sponsored by Jay Dee AgTech. Prize money ($100) from Abbott Realty.  

1.  Brana Thomson    18.21

2.  Vansessa Moorhead   19.73

3.  Brette Tully   20.32

4.   Erin Moorhead    22.63


Old Timer’s Roping

Plaque sponsored by Lifestyle Financial. Prize money ($30) from Art Unsworth. Memorial trophy in memory of Bob Unsworth provided by Art Unsworth and family.  

1.  Allan Moorhead

2, Bob Laing


Bull Riding

Buckle sponsored by Ternes Sales and Service Ltd. Prize money ($250) from Maple Creek Tire, R&R Martin and families.  Memorial shield in memory of Ed Sunde provided by Melvin and Ron Sunde and Ternes Sales and Service

1. no qualified ride


Kids Calf Scramble

Buckles sponsored by Glen & Marlee Bowles. Prize money ($40) from Eckart's Welding 

1.  Rylan Brost, Vanessa Moorhead, Erin Moorhead

2.  Payton Moorhead, Sarah Beierbach, Brette Tully

3.  Cooper Udal, Kahl Wasilow, Heather Brost


Wild Steer Race

Buckles sponsored by Buchanan family in memory of Gary. And from Tim & Suzanne Udal and Larry & Rose Jarman. Prize money ($50) from Luxito and Co

1.  Jeffrey Udal, Carter Udal, Montana Van Marion

2.  Chase Kellett, Mike Miller, Levi Bowyer


Junior Team Roping

Buckles sponsored by Ann Arnal in memory of Blake, Sean and Lyndon and Bar C Ranch.

1.  Zane Tully, Braden Brost  25.90 on 2 

2.   Rylan Brost, Bayne Wilson   8.64 on 1

3.  Zane Tully, Jeffrey Udal   10.19 on 1


Open Team Roping

Buckles sponsored by Pharmasave #410 and Cypress Motors

1.  Braden Brost, Darryl Brost   12.04 on 2

2.  Braden Brost, Colin Smith   12.97 on 2

3.  Braden Brost, Christian Brost   14.58 on 2

4.  Tyler Gilchrist, Cody Thomson   15.09 on 2